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What are Access Control Security Systems and Why are they Beneficial for Businesses in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, and Helena?

Access control is an added level of protection to limit access to a physical location (s) using hardware and software technology to manage entry into these areas. That means, beyond the basic monitored security system, you add card readers, keypad access points or biometric access to the locations you want to control. Each of these devices has their own features and benefits, depending on what you need protecting or what level of access controls are needed.

Card Readers for Protection

Access Control in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville, Vestavia Hills

Card readers are one many ways to effectively manage access control. Organizations can monitor who is coming in and out of critical areas. Also, management can control where employees are authorized or not authorized to enter. Certain areas, rooms, facilities, and offices can be programmed as off limits to certain unauthorized employees. After an employee is assigned an access card, management will be able to assign privileges to those who need access and to others who will be denied entry.

Keypad Access for Quick Entry

Looking for a security solution that doesn’t involve a card reader? Then a keypad installed for access is the simple answer. Employees who enter the building can have one access code or employees can have individual access codes, which can track who comes in and out.

Biometric Security Devices: Sci-fi or Real Life?

Access control systems have reached a new level of technology. Security measures once seen in movies have become real-life. Fingerprint scanner and retina scanners are now available for an added level of protection. High-level employees or employees working on high-level security projects will be able to enter their work areas after placing their finger on the fingerprint scanner. Only after their identity has been approved, they can enter the room. Retina scanners work the same way. Place your eye in front of the scanner and once it confirms your identity, you will gain access.

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