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Thanks for 100 Days!

I would like to take a moment of your time and thank all of you who has participated in our Prestige Alarm 100 days of security on Facebook. I personally appreciate all the comments that were made. I do hope that for the most part you found that some of the posts we left for you are useful to your everyday life or possibly useful for someone you love. You know security really is what makes us feel safe inside. You can put all of the electronic security equipment our Industry makes in your home or business, but you must eventually come to the point to where you feel safe inside.

With that said if I could wrap it up in just a few sentences I would say, Live and enjoy life to its fullest.  Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the things that may be different, listen to that spot in your stomach that tells you something is not like it should be.  However, more than all that remember you don’t have to live in fear. Prestige Alarm is always here to help you if you should need us so. God bless and merry Christmas.

Eddie Harden, President
205-661-4822 office