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Security Systems in Huntsville, Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, AL and surrounding areas.

Security systems deter, prevent, detect, warn and notify

The world we live in has changed a lot in recent years. One of the unfortunate changes is that there is more crime and violence than ever before. If you do some research and study stats related to crime as well as incidents such as fires and gas leaks, you will realise the important of security systems.  Prestige Alarms can help you with commercial as well as residential security systems in Birmingham, Hoover AL, Huntsville or Vestavia Hills.

Building security systems typically consist of access control, video surveillance and various alarms such as fire alarms and moisture detectors. Access control systems cab be by way of proximity cards, swipe cards, keypads or biometric systems such as fingerprint readers or retina scanners. There are various makes and types of CCTV cameras that can keep an eye on events in and round your property. Realtime surveillance is another important feature of security systems. Realtime surveillance enables rapid response and that can make the difference between life and death.

Security systems, whether commercial or residential, are designed to protect people and assets from harm and loss.  This is achieved through deterrence, prevention, detection, notification and instruction. For example, a security alarm will deter a would-be trespasser. Video cameras also deter people from committing unwanted acts. Motions detectors, heat sensors, smoke sensors and gas sensors will detect impending danger and will notify and warn those involved. For example, a fire alarm will detect an unusual amount of smoke and sound the fire alarm. The system will instruct people to evacuate and will also notify the relevant fire departments.

Security systems keep people and assets safer.

Prestige Alarms can help you with the right security system for your building, business, facility or residential property in Birmingham, Hoover AL, Huntsville or Vestavia Hills.

Huntsville, Birmingham, Hoover AL Security Systems provide affordable peace of mind. Contact us today for details on security systems.