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Security Systems for Huntsville, Hoover, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Pelham, and Fultondale, AL

When you are looking for a new security system for your business, reach out to the highly skilled technicians at Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products Inc. With more than 20 years in the fire and security business, our technicians are highly skilled at installing access control systems that include card readers, keypads, biometrics, and much more. Prestige Alarm understands that businesses in Huntsville, Hoover, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and the surrounding areas, need protection and monitoring. Prestige Alarm can provide an array of services, from a security system to a fire alarm system that could include motion detectors, smoke detectors, or carbon monoxide detection devices. Whether you need a large sophisticated security system or just a basic security system, Prestige Alarm is available to help.

Security Systems for Huntsville, Hoover, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Pelham, and Fultondale, ALThe Latest Security Systems for Business

At Prestige Alarm, our goal is to constantly provide you with the latest in security system technology. Our staff stays up to date with the latest security developments and is well versed on each security system installed. Prestige Alarm will discuss with you the security system options that will best fit your budget and will schedule a technician to visit you at your business to perform a site survey for a standardized quote. Once our technician looks over your business, he will discuss with you what type of security system will work. Once all your questions are answered and you’ve approved the Prestige Alarm quote, your install will be scheduled for installation. After the installation is complete, the Prestige Alarm technician will teach you how to use the security system at your business in Huntsville, Hoover, Birmingham, Fultondale, and the surrounding areas.

Security Systems Provide Protection

Once you learn how to use your new security system, you are also informed about our 24-hour emergency monitoring services. If your security system is activated, our emergency services will contact the police or fire department, depending on what system is in alarm. The primary contacts that you listed on your account will also be contacted immediately. Prestige Alarm is an Alabama State Licensed Fire Alarm Company and Security Firm. Prestige Alarm provides high quality security systems to keep your business in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Pelham, Fultondale, and the surrounding areas safe. Our manufacturer certified technicians are always available to give estimates and to install security systems to protect your business. For more information on security systems, call Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products, Inc. at 205-661-4822.