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Security Camera Systems from Prestige Alarm for Bessemer, Birmingham, Gardendale, Gadsden Huntsville, and Pelham

Security camera systems are a must for any organization these days. Many companies use them to protect security at access points, inventory from internal theft and to monitor high-risk areas. One area where they are becoming more of a benefit is in the use of worker’s compensation claims. Video surveillance can help you to protect your company in the case of an excessive liability claim. While you should always take care of your workers, you shouldn’t be taken advantage of. 

Security Camera Systems from Prestige Alarm for Bessemer, Birmingham, Gardendale, Gadsden Huntsville, and Pelham

Here are some of the benefits of a security camera system for use in worker’s compensation claims.

Proof of the injury – Where did the injury occur? What was the immediate action taken? What led up to the injury in terms of environment or anything different from other days?

What actions are taken to ensure a safe workplace – are spills cleaned up quickly? Are there boxes that are often left in walkways? Are proper safety procedures followed, even by third-party vendors?

Time and date – When did the incident take place and how was it immediately handled? What action was taken from the time of the incident and the filing of the claim?

Professional opinion – If there is any doubt, the security footage can be reviewed by a professional such as a doctor, therapist, etc. for their evaluation. You should not be placed in the position where you need to question the validity of a claim. There are professionals that can do that for you. Your business insurance agency can help you if you need to take this route.

Of course, your security camera system can only work as well as it is functioning. Here are some tips to make sure your cameras are working to record incidents:

  1. Have adequate back-up. If an injury happened a week ago or an employee said it was a buildup of a neglectful situation that never got remedied, your one week loop isn’t going to help you. Storage can be cheap and having plenty of it means you have adequate amounts of time recorded.
  2. Use cameras at all angles or in all areas. Claims come from lifting, tripping/slipping, overexertion, and falling objects. Chances are these accidents that can happen anywhere so have your location well-equipped with multiple security camera systems.
  3. Make sure you have the right back-up power. Everyone has heard “but the cameras weren’t on”. Make sure yours always are and have a back-up power source.

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