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Security Camera System for Birmingham, Gadsden, Hoover, Huntsville, Pelham, and Vestavia

How are you viewing the footage from your security camera? How easy or difficult is it for you to do? When you start by calling Prestige Alarm to plan your security camera system, we’ll keep ease of use in mind to create the best comprehensive plan for you and your company.  Our customers have all types of needs when it comes to new or replacement camera systems. We like to discuss all options including budgets, installation, back-up power, camera type, camera position, the clarity desired and finally, all your viewing options.

Security Camera System for Birmingham, Gadsden, Hoover, Huntsville, Pelham, and Vestavia

Prestige Alarm can work on creating one plan, but we often find that most business owners like to have a comprehensive, multi-plan approach for their security camera system. Small business owners like to have direct access so they can immediately know if anything goes wrong. This includes potential break-ins and employee theft. Having enough back-up data storage to record events for future evidence is equally important. Watching and receiving a notification on smart phones, tablets, or watching on a desktop are all possible. Gone are the days of a small screen that was limited to the back basement office.

Meanwhile, larger companies like to have dedicated personnel that keep track of any activities and can immediately notify law enforcement, security or other officials. Having multiple camera angles in multiple places are very important.  Prestige Alarm allows companies to choose from many options that works best for their company, that could include on-location viewing, corporate office viewing or 24 hour security monitoring.

Please note, don’t forget about sound. Sound can also provide multiple clues such as when vehicles arrive or drive away. We’ve had clients recognize when exactly a break-in happened by the sound of breaking glass that happened off screen but picked up by a glass break on a security alarm.

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You may have many different goals for a security camera system, and we can work with your

company to create a plan to accomplish these objectives together, including the areas of Birmingham, Gadsden, Hoover, Huntsville, Pelham and Vestavia.