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Fire Alarm Systems and Home Alarm Systems in Alabaster, Fultondale and Surrounding Areas

Prestige Alarms supplies and installs fire alarm systems throughout Alabaster, Bessemer, Fultondale, Homewood, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa. They are authorised Gamewell-FCI dealers in central Alabama and can help protect your business or home against the ravages of a disastrous fire.  No business or home is immune to a fire. The best way to protect your business or home is though prevention. Fire alarm systems do just that – they help prevent catastrophic fires through early detection and warning.

The consequences of a fire can be catastrophic in terms of financial loss, injuries and loss of life. When you install a fire alarm system you substantially reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire in your building, facility or home. High tech fire alarm systems such as those supplied by Prestige will detect some and heat and raise the alarm. This early warning system means residents and occupants have time to evacuate. The relevant fire department and authorities are notified which translates to rapid response, containment and mitigation.

The fire alarm systems manufactured by Gamewell-FCI are high-tech, reliable and cost effective. When you combine state-of-the-art fire alarm systems with 24 hours monitoring you will have peace of mind knowing that you are well protected against the risk of devastating fire. Smoke and water flow monitoring protects your property against fire as well as domestic flooding.  The team at Prestige alarms will design a fire alarm system that matches the requirements of your building or facility.

Fire alarms are not restricted to commercial and industrial use. You can protect your residence with an affordable fire alarm system from Prestige. They can help you with conventional as well as modern wireless system.

If you want fire protection for your commercial or residential property in Alabama, then you need look no further than Prestige Alarms.