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Fire Alarm System in Huntsville

A fire alarm system can help prevent a disaster and a tragedy. Every building and facility has a fire risk and a fire alarm system can help protect people and assets. Prestige Alarms installs fire alarm systems throughout Birmingham, Hoover AL and Huntsville.

A fire can happen anywhere anytime. There are many possible causes such as electrical faults or accidents. The main thing is that your system can detect a fire before it gets out of control. When it comes to disasters such as a fire evet, seconds count. A fire alarm system gives you those seconds that can make a difference between disaster and averting disaster.

It is difficult for a business or organization to recover from a serious fire. Very few do and it is obvious that prevention is better than cure. A fire alarm system when smoke or temperature reach specified limits.  Once smoke or heat is detected the system will activate the alarm and sent out various notifications and alerts. These include notifying a mentoring station and possible evacuation instructions.

Prestige Alarms operates a 24/7 monitoring station so any fire alert will receive immediate attention and response. They will immediate despatch fire services and take other appropriate action. They maintain and monitor high-tech smoke and waterflow detection system. These include precision engineered fire alarm systems from Gamewell-FCI. When it comes to a fire alarm system, you want the best in quality, reliability and technology. Gamewell-FCI design, engineers and manufactures fire alarm systems of the highest quality.

Whether you have a factory in throughout Birmingham, a warehouse in Hoover AL or an apartment building in Huntsville, you can rely on Prestige Alarms for a reliable and state-of-the-art fire alarm system that will keep you, your people and your assets safer.