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Fire Alarm System in Gadsen, Tuscaloosa, Helena, Pelham, AL and surrounding areas

The last thing you need in your building or at your business is a fire. Prestige Alarms supplies and installs Gamewell-FCI fire alarm systems throughout Gadsden, Helena AL and Tuscaloosa. Gamewell fire alarm systems incorporate the latest technologies and features such as touch screen and SWIFT wireless.  A touch-screen menu allows for clear and concise system operations and eliminates dangerous confusion during an emergency.  Basically, you want a fire alarm system that is reliable, easy to use and that offers effective protection against fire. That is what you get when you install a fire alarm system from Prestige.

A fire alarm from Prestige will help protect your building from a serious fire. Fires happen all the time and mostly in building that don’t have fire protection systems. Few businesses recover from a serious fire. The damage is extensive and the consequences severe.  A fire can shut down your business. A fire in a public facility such as a hospital or college can be catastrophic.

When it comes to fire alarm systems quality is important. Prestige Alarms install high quality fire alarm systems and related safety equipment that will help protect your building, business or facility from a fire disaster. They can also customise fire alarm systems to match your requirements. So it does not matter whether you need a complex system or a basic system, they have right fire alarm for you.

When you are seconds from disaster what happens in those seconds are critical. A fire alarm can detect smoke and heat and when that happens the system will sound the alarm. This gives occupants time to evacuate the building. The fire alarm will simultaneously notify a monitoring station. The monitoring station will immediately dispatch appropriate emergency services.


24 / 7 monitoring is essential for fire emergencies and mitigation. Prestige Alarms offers 24 / 7 emergency fire response.

Fire Alarm System in Gadsen, Tuscaloosa, Helena, and surrounding areas, including Huntsville & Pelham. Offering Access Control, Commercial & Home Alarm Systems.