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Commercial Alarm Systems, Access Control and Security Camera System in Hoover, Huntsville, Trussville, Alabama

Access control provides better security

Prestige Alarm access control systems are valuable additions to any business or high security area. Access control provides a higher level of security, significantly increasing protection of your property, personnel, and sensitive data. Biometric controls for access can be granted, limited, or denied based on dates, times, and other criteria. It also allows you to maintain tighter control over areas such as storage rooms, warehouses, file rooms, and computer server rooms. You can also restrict access for customers and employees alike, to specific hallways, stairwells, elevators, doors, and entrances.

Card readers, keypads, biometrics

You have the ability to control, restrict, and monitor entry hallways, elevators, stairwells, doors, and main entrances. Prestige Alarm offers a variety of card access solutions to meet your specific needs. From simple keypads, to card readers, to biometric, or any combination of all three, our fire and security systems are designed around your business needs. We give you the ability to control or restrict access under a variety of different circumstances.

We protect a variety of industries

Some of the industries in which we have installed systems are prisons, hospitals, law offices, file rooms, clubhouses, private subdivisions, apartment buildings, and other facilities requiring access control and security monitoring.

We’re local

At Prestige Alarm, we know that Alabama businesses need to be secure – we are committed to your safety, the safety of your building and the safety of your employees. We value your security, and we promise you great, timely, and comprehensive service. We have 24-hour emergency services available to all our customers who require our immediate attention.

Comprehensive consultations

Whether you need smoke, fire, temperature-sensitive, or carbon monoxide detection integrated into your security systems, or just require basic commercial security systems with monitoring, contact Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products, Inc. today for your free consultation. Our experts are available to provide comprehensive answers to your most pressing fire and security questions.