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Security Alarm and Fire Alarm Monitoring through PRESNET by Prestige Alarm in Birmingham, Hoover, Huntsville, Mountain Brook, Trussville & Vestavia Hills, Alabama

PRESNET is our proprietary monitoring network

Using Prestige Alarm’s PRESNET, you can monitor any security system without phone lines. PRESNET is Prestige’s solution to phoneless monitoring – we built our own wireless mesh network solution which enables us to monitor virtually any security and fire panel. PRESNET is a proprietary network, and is U/L listed to monitor for fire and safety. PRESNET uses radio signals to communicate lightning fast, even when storms take out phone lines and cell signals.

Why use PRESNET?

You can benefit from PRESNET: if you’re tired of trusting your valuable property to unstable phone or cell lines; if you don’t want to purchase multiple phone lines to monitor fire systems; if you’re a jewelry store owner requiring a U/L mercantile fire system, or any other commercial building of any type requiring a U/L listed system; if you are a college campus, military base, or have multiple buildings requiring multiple dedicated phone lines for monitoring. In the event that PRESNET is not operational within your territory, we do have other options that don’t use telephone lines.

Live monitoring helps prevent crime

Your employees, your products, confidential client records, computer networks and other commercial assets are important and often irreplaceable. With live video surveillance and monitoring from Prestige Alarm, you can be both proactive and reactive to secure your property. Traditionally, surveillance systems rely on recorded video to identify people and objects after a crime has been committed, but with live monitoring, suspicious activity is detected by our highly trained monitoring technicians.

Immediate notifications

When you contact Prestige Alarm for your fire and security monitoring needs, and we provide you the specifications for your new system through a comprehensive consultation, a video system is installed on your commercial property. Your surveillance system is then connected via PRESNET to our state of the art monitoring facility, where highly trained technicians monitor your video system. Should any suspicious activity occur, or should there be another emergency, our technicians will immediately notify you and the appropriate authorities. Contact Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products, Inc. for your comprehensive consultation today, and let us monitor your systems for you.