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Commercial Alarm Systems and Fire Alarm System in Birmingham, Hoover, Huntsville, Mountain Brook, Trussville & Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Security FireProtect your business from fire

Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products, Inc. is an authorized Gamewell-FCI dealer in central Alabama. We know a fire incident can occur at anytime, anywhere, and knows no boundaries. The number of fire losses in the country are increasing, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Yearly, the number of lives lost to fire is about 4,000, and rising. Approximately one third of all businesses fail to recover from a serious fire. A fire event in a business facility can mean failure to the business, but in a hospital, school, or other highly populated facility, it can be catastrophic. It might not be possible to control all potential fire hazards, but Prestige Alarm will always respond promptly in case of an emergency or mitigating disaster.

What happens when we install a system?

Our fire alarm system can detect when smoke density reaches a pre-determined limit, and then activates a sensor to warn the occupants of the building of an emergency. When that happens, our central monitoring station receives the signal, and notifies the designated personnel while dispatching the appropriate emergency services. Prestige Alarm operates a central monitoring station every hour of the day, every single day of the year, so there is never a gap in your monitored protection.

Security FireImpeccable engineering and dependable products

Gamewell-FCI designs and engineers commercial fire alarm systems for a broad range of commercial, industrial, and institutional applications around the world. Gamewell-FCI systems deliver carefully engineered and dependable products year after year, the product of consistent research and development, making them a top quality product for protecting your fire alarm investment.

24-hour monitoring

Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products, Inc. helps business owners, property and facilities managers secure valuables and protect properties around the clock. We maintain and monitor smoke detection and water flow systems, providing 24-hour monitoring for fire response. We only install the highest quality safety devices, and we’re able to do so in new or existing construction. Contact us and let Prestige Alarm evaluate your specific needs. We will design, install, and maintain a customized fire alarm system for your business. No matter how complex your commercial environment, we will develop a solution for your needs and your budget.