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Changing World of Access Control for Gadsden, Homewood, Hoover, Huntsville, Mountain Brook, and Tuscaloosa, AL

Access controls are becoming more and more common as commercial warehouses, buildings and even public schools are tightening access. The type of access control will depend on your needs and budget. You can get a simple keypad entry, or you can go up to Bluetooth entry and more. For example, an HOA clubhouse may want a simple keypad that restricts access, while a company that keeps financial data or high-cost inventory is looking for secured access for only a few individuals. 

Access Control in Gadsden, Homewood, Hoover, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, AL

Access control has changed over the past decades but remains the same – controlling who has access to your building. Going beyond the simple lock and key, access control systems now allow for various levels of entry, restricted times, instant monitoring and more. Here are some of the different examples of access control systems we have installed.

  1. Video access control. This is most popular when a large amount of people will only be entering on a one-time basis. For example, schools can have a camera where visitors must show identity before being “buzzed in”. Another example can be jewelry stores that can limit when customers come in and only on approval. This is a great way to control access at the front entrance to any building, but it must be monitored.
  2. Card access control. Card access encompasses a number of different options and is probably the most popular due to its automation. And, the same card access control that keeps people out, can also keep people in such as prisons, psychiatry wards and more. Card systems can be programmed so certain cards open all doors or just some doors. This cuts down on the number of different systems needed. For example, all workers need to get into the building. However, only certain workers need access to inventory or other controlled assets. And, all workers are barred from entry during certain hours. 
  3. Biometric scans. The next step in access control for ultimate security. Biometric scans remove the weaknesses of other methods such as keypads where numbers can be shared or card access where cards can be stolen and gives access to only those who have been approved.  While movies may give the idea that biometric scans can be cheated, they are the ultimate in access control for any company. 

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