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Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) put safety first in Mountain Brook, Huntsville, Trussville, Birmingham, and Vestavia Hills

During an emergency, first responders sometimes lack the signal level capability to communicate effectively. This is loss of signal is commonly called dead spots. It is a major problem in most every large building during an emergency. When first responders cannot communicate during an emergency, it can be deadly. That’s why bi-directional amplifiers or BDA’s are likely needed in older large buildings.  BDA’s will likely be mandatory in every new construction and possibly all future renovations that have an architectural change to the original design of a building. BDA’s increase communication coverage for first responders throughout a building, so they can stay in constant contact with each other and their central office dispatch. Buildings made of concrete, metal and glass and other hardened materials prevent communication signals of first responders. Prestige Alarm can provide an analysis survey to see if any building has the proper signal level for first responder communication.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers in Mountain Brook, Huntsville, Birmingham

Certified Professionals are needed to Install Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Professionals at Prestige Alarm are qualified and experienced at BDA planning and installation. The first step to any BDA project is to conduct a radio signal site survey. Once an analysis is completed, it will be determined whether or not it passed or failed. If a building passes, a BDA system is not required. If a building fails, a BDA blueprint will be created for installation. Once the BDA system is installed and is being monitored, the system will be certified. 

Prestige Alarm is a Gamewell FCI distributer. As the local authorized dealer, Prestige Alarm will survey, install, maintain and certify a BDA system to meet all local and state requirements for your Organization.

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