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Alarm Systems in Birmingham, Gadsden, Tuscaloosa, and Surrounding Areas

Prestige Alarms can help you with right alarm systems in Birmingham, Gadsden, Gardendale, Huntsville, Mountain Brook or Tuscaloosa. They are an Alabama state licensed security company and can help protect your business, organization or home against various risks and perils.
Alarm systems are an important component of any building or home security system. Alarm systems help protect commercial properties, businesses and residential against fires, burglaries and theft. State of the art alarm systems also work hand in hand with security systems such as access control and surveillance.

There are two main types of alarm systems, namely fires alarms and intrusion alarms. Fire alarms can detect smoke and heat and alert the important role players. The system can also trigger fire extinguishing devices such as sprinkler system. A fire can happen anywhere and if not dealt with quickly, can be disastrous and even catastrophic. When it comes to disasters, seconds count. A fire alarm gives you those important seconds to avert a disaster.

Prestige Alarms is a Gamewell FCI dealer in central Alabama and they can help you with state-of-the-art fire alarm systems. Gamewll-FCI designs and manufactures cutting edge fire alarm systems for all types of commercial and industrial applications. Prestige alarms provides 24-hour monitoring of your business or facility. They operate and monitor smoke detection and water flow systems, providing 24-hour monitoring fire response.

Prestige Alarms can also help you with security alarms for you business or residential home. Security alarms help prevent unwanted intrusions and invasions. Should a home intrusion take place a security alarm will warn you. This gives you time to move to a safe room. Your security system will also alert a monitoring station. Rapid response will follow.

If you want improved security in Birmingham, Gadsden, Gardendale, Huntsville, Mountain Brook or Tuscaloosa, then you need look no further than Prestige Alarms.