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Alarm Systems in Birmingham and Huntsville

If you need alarm systems in Birmingham, Hoover AL, Huntsville, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, the Prestige Alarms can help. Risk of a fire is real and always present. An alarm system can help prevent a disaster through early detection and rapid response. You hear about some fire just about every day and the results are never good. Property is destroyed, people die and get badly hurt. You don’t want that happening at your building, facility or home. Alarm systems are there to protect you, the people who dwell there and assets such as buildings, furniture, equipment and valuables.

A fire can occur at any time from a variety of possible causes. A fire alarm can stop a fire from starting but it can warn you and alert the authorities at the first sign of trouble. This allows you and the authorities to take the required action before a fire gets out of control. The fire facts are grim. In the US alone:

  • The losses from fires increases year by year
  • Thousands of lives are lost every year
  • Property destruction is massive
  • A third of businesses fail to recover from a serious fire event


You don’t want to be a victim so the smart thing and install fire alarms. A fire alarm can sense smoke and heat and when certain levels are reached it will activate and warn occupants so evacuation can be implemented. At the same a monitoring station will be notified. The monitoring station will alert the fire department and relevant authorities.


Another important type of security alarm is the burglar alarm. The main purpose of a burglar alarm is to deter unwanted intrusions. The next purpose is to sound the alarm and to send a signal to a monitoring station.