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Access Control in Bessemer, Pelham, Huntsville, AL. and surrounding areas.

Access control is still one of the most important forms of building security. Prestige Alarms supplies and installs commercial access control systems throughout Bessemer, Gadsden, Helenda AL, Huntsville, Pelham and Tuscaloosa. Their access control systems will help protect you people and assets.

Modern access control systems are far more effective than traditional lock and key. Keys are problematic since they can be misplaced and duplicated. It is also difficult to know which keys or how many keys are in circulation. A traditional lock and key system also lacks intelligence and no longer meets the high-security requirements of businesses, facilities and complexes.

Modern access control systems can be in the form of swipe cards, proximity cards, keypads, card readers or even biometrics. Biometric access control provides proper identification and can be in the form fingerprint readers and retina scanners. These types of systems dramatically improve building security. They also offer targeted control over who can access a specific area of your building. Access can be granted or denied according to various criteria such as people, dates, times and so on. This type of access control provides greater protection for sensitive areas such as computer server rooms, store rooms, laboratories, research centers and so on.

With a commercial access control system, you can control and restrict access to various areas of your building or business. You also have access to valuable information such as who is in the building, what areas the person accessed, when he or she left the building and so on. Access control systems can also be integrated with a time and attendance system.

Access control systems can provide enhanced security in hospitals, corporate businesses, prisons, law firms, accounting firms, research centers and many other sensitive facilities. Access control in an important part of overall building security. Other important components of building security include surveillance, alarms, communication and response systems.

Access Control in Bessemer, Pelham, Huntsville, and surrounding areas, like Gadsen & Helena. Offering Access Control, Home & Commercial Alarm Systems, and more.